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Apr 08 2013

When Life Hands You Lemons…

cx_blog_scarves_annie_laszloWe love all the meaningful ways our travelers find to make a positive difference in this world. Annie Laszlo is a shining example of this generosity of spirit. Since joining the CX traveler community four years ago, she’s gone from a welcome addition to a bedrock member, contributing her unbridled enthusiasm and heartfelt generosity in equal measure. We’re always grateful for Annie’s participation in our projects, in particular when she lent us a big helping hand in the creation of our 2013 recipe calendar,  So we were of course very excited when Annie signed up to join us on our 10th Anniversary trip to Oaxaca, Mexico this past March.

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Apr 08 2013

Glimpses of Guatemala


Guatemala 2013
– Notes and photos from CX Traveler Lois Brassart

Time slows down to encourage savoring the delights of Guatemala
Arrived as strangers left as friends

You would never know Guatemala is the second most improvised country in the Western Hemisphere. Certainly there are signs of poverty, however the generosity of spirit and welcoming smiles overcome the initial heartache

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Feb 12 2013

Daily Bread

Dailiy Bread

– By Lee Stubis, CX Traveler

“The aroma of baking bread greeted us as our Culture Xplorers group entered the small room where Luciano was already busy pulling paddles of golden, round loaves of bread from the large wood-burning stove into baskets. Once all these hand-crafted loaves were in baskets, Luciano would deliver them to restaurants in the Douro Valley region of Portugal.

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Jan 22 2013

Cuba: Fresh Impressions, A Decade On

“In the the last 16 years, what do you think has been the moment of greatest change for Cuba?” I asked Jesús, our seasoned, straight-shooting Cuban guide. “Now” was his instant response.

I felt it too. From a revitalized Havana Vieja to the mushrooming number of creative paladares (small, private home-based restaurants) signs of convulsive change were everywhere, more so than at any other time since my first visit to the island in 1996.

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Jan 18 2013

The Art Of Giving – Success!

We’d like to thank all those who supported “The Art Of Giving” at Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery in December. What an amazing collection of art and wine! We’ve raised over $3,500 in funds that will go directly to a young emerging artist from Oaxaca Mexico to continue their education. The awards ceremony is just one of the many highlights on our 10th Anniversary Trip this spring.

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