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Sep 15 2012

Cultural Exchange Through the Arts

The CX Foundation supports the arts and cultures of other countries through several projects including our latest partnership with the (no name) Art Group in “The Art Of Giving”

The Art Of Giving Kansas City Flyer

The Art Of Giving
Kansas City | Oaxaca, Mexico


Inspiration: The Love of Place. Regardless of culture we all draw inspiration from the places that surround us, and carry those places with us throughout our lives. The Art Of Giving features artwork and wine labels designed by artists from Kansas City and Oaxaca, Mexico centered on this theme. Proceeds benefit young Latino artists in Kansas City and Oaxaca, Mexico.

CXF wine

Friday, December 7, 2012
6-9 pm
Artist Reception

Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery
915 W 17th St., Kansas City, MO 64108
(Exhibition runs through Jan 2013)


Jowler Creek Winery

Special thanks to Jowler Creek Winery for providing our discounted wine and custom labels!


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About Sherry Berger

Sherry began traveling in her early twenties and found that the experience offered a mind opening perspective of life in relation to the lives of others around the world. Since then, Sherry has explored over 40 different countries, immersed in their cultures and customs, many of which lack the freedom of artistic creation and expression. Recognizing the many opportunities she was afforded in life, like an art education, would become the driving force behind her motivation. She began volunteering in 2004 Costa Rica as an Art & English teacher for underprivileged children and initiated local community projects, blogging, and fundraisers that share the impact of cultural exchange. She later expanded her experience and worked with numerous charities based in Costa Rica, India, Africa, Scotland, Laos, and Cambodia. The majority of her philanthropic work has been with Lifestart Foundation in Vietnam. As creative director and founder of the Lifestart Foundation Workshop, Sherry helps those living in disadvantaged situations earn a sustainable income through the creation of fine arts/crafts. In January 2012 she accepted position as Director of Culture Xplorers Foundation to initiate projects and fundraisers that empower local communities to sustain their living traditions through education, economic incentives, and cross-cultural partnerships.

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