Culture Xplorers
Honors and Awards

Jim Kane Founder and CEO

Jim Kane is recognized leader in the field of sustainable travel and a frequently invited speaker on the subject of transformative travel at conferences and educational institutions throughout the U.S., amongst these, the Educational Travel Conference (ETC), the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, the Luxury Expo and the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS).

The former Community-Based Travel columnist for Transitions Abroad magazine, Jim founded Culture Xplorers in 2003 with a simple vision: to foster an immersive, participatory travel experience by connecting travelers and local people through a celebration of their culture and traditions.

Making a positive impact through travel is at the core of Jim’s philosophy. The Culture Xplorers Foundation, which he started in 2007, works to foster the sustainability of local culture among indigenous communities world-wide.

Through deep-rooted relationships and the strength of Jim’s local teams, Culture Xplorers has earned a reputation for innovative, transformative travel programs and has been recognized by the leading U.S. travel press.


Outstanding local teams are a hallmark of a Culture Xplorers experience. Meet the team leaders who will make your journey with us unforgettable.

Daniel Salazar PERU

Daniel, a native of Lima, became a Carmelite friar more out of a desire to help people than any religious dogma. During part of his years with the order, Daniel lived in rural Andean communities, forging a deep connection with proud people there that continues to this day. After 12 years, Daniel left the order and met his wife Maricarmen. They now have a beautiful boy, Mateo.

After working in the airline industry, then consulting for several of Peru’s top hotels, including training customer service staff, Daniel decided to give trip leading his full attention. He has been Culture Xplorers Peru team leader since 2005 and is expanding his role as CX expands into new destinations in South America, including Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Pascu Robredo GUATEMALA

Originally from the Basque region of Spain, Pascu has traveled the world, for a time as a concert producer and tour guide in Europe. From the moment he visited Guatemala for the first time, he fell in love, both with the country – and with his future Guatemalan wife, Alejandra.

A resident of Guatemala since 1998, Pascu is passionate about his adopted country’s art, culture, architecture, cooking, music, literature and brash natural beauty. Pascu speaks seven languages perfectly, including the Maya language Kaqchikel. It is impossible not to be inspired by his contagious enthusiasm and tremendous and varied wealth of knowledge, all of which he happily shares with Culture Xplorers travelers.

Roberto Murphy CHIAPAS & OAXACA

Brought up in both the US and Mexico, Roberto possesses both a linguistic and cultural fluency that is much appreciated by Culture Xplorers’ clients, in particular in Chiapas, his family’s home for more than a decade.

Widely regarded as one of the best guides in Southern Mexico, Roberto’s expansive knowledge of Mexican history, art, archaeology and anthropology is matched by an ability to transmit his passion and to share his insights as well as many personal anecdotes with Culture Xplorers’ travelers.


Kyle was brought up travelling around the world and the United States. For Kyle, multiculturalism is more than just an ideal, but a way of life. Apart from living in many parts of the United States, he has lived in East Asia, West Africa, Southern Europe, and Latin America. Both a Lusophile and a Hispanophile, Kyle travelled regularly to Portugal and Spain for more than a decade until deciding in 2007 to live permanently with his family in Northern Spain.

Trained and experienced in both Ethnography and Education, Kyle believes learning and teaching are one and the same. Kyle has two Masters with concentrations in both Linguistics and Cultural Heritage Preservation. Passionate about his adopted home and its rich mosaic of cultural heritage, Kyle is enthusiastic about sharing his insights on the region as well as inspiring others to fully experience the cultural wonders and delights of Portugal and Spain.”


The Culture Xplorers Foundation was founded to help foster the sustainability of local culture among indigenous communities worldwide.

Sherry Berger DIRECTOR

Sherry began traveling in her early twenties and found that the experience offered a mind opening perspective of life in relation to the lives of others around the world. Since then, Sherry has explored over 40 different countries, immersed in their cultures and customs, many of which lack the freedom of artistic creation and expression. Recognizing the many opportunities she was afforded in life, like an art education, would become the driving force behind her motivation. She began volunteering in 2004 Costa Rica as an Art & English teacher for underprivileged children and initiated local community projects, blogging, and fundraisers that share the impact of cultural exchange. She later expanded her experience and worked with numerous charities based in Costa Rica, India, Africa, Scotland, Laos, and Cambodia. The majority of her philanthropic work has been with Lifestart Foundation in Vietnam. As creative director and founder of the Lifestart Foundation Workshop, Sherry helps those living in disadvantaged situations earn a sustainable income through the creation of fine arts/crafts.

In addition, Sherry is the founder of (no name) Art Group “Artists Making A Difference” in Philadelphia. The group supports local and international charities through creative art exhibitions and fundraisers that are dedicated to raising awareness of significant world issues.

Sherry currently lives in Philadelphia where she continues her career as freelance designer and branding consultant for small businesses.